Day 2 started with a wake up to a quiet baby & a beautiful sunrise over the Austin convention center, where I would soon be trekking off to with my cup of warm coffee. This poor Hawaiian girl needed all the warmth she could get! Although somehow, even though I purchased closed toe shoes I still ended up wearing sandals the whole time.
I was very excited to finally meet & learn from one of my favorite quilters Krista Withers. I’ve admired her long arm quilting from afar, but it was truly an honor to take her Compositional Quilting class.

Krista is such a fun & bubbly person! Thank goodness, because I had signed up for three of her classes. haha. Because of this, I figured my Quiltcon experience could go only one of two ways. Happy to announce it was Great! I highly recommend taking a class from her if you get the chance!
As anyone is on a new machine that is different than their own, I was a little shaky at first. After getting in the groove, I was off!
I had a great time meeting, quilting, & chatting with my ‘machine mate,’ Robyn.
Class was all day, but during our lunch time, I had the chance to peruse some of the shops at the show, which obviously led to shenanigans…
Like sewing machine riding at Stitch Lab.

Introducing Rowan to Sarah Watts and the Cotton & Steel crew! As you can see, she had tears of joy! ha.

We found the quilt I quilted for John.

& goofed around with some show quilts.

After wrapping up class, dinner was consumed, but not documented. It was delicious though, from Crave.
Then Corrie & I were off the to Moda Party.
Which turned out to be freezing cold & a bust for us, so we left & ran into a bunch of other’s who weren’t quite into it either. So we went for dessert!

Lots of fun was involved!