Let me start off with what a freaking, AMAZING time I had at QuiltCon!! Everyone should attend if they get the opportunity. And what’s even better? QuiltCon will be yearly now! Woo!

So back to my adventure.

 This was the first year I attended, in person. Two years ago, I was there in spirit, I had a QuiltCon logo block in the original QuiltCon quilt. Unfortunately time slipped away from me this year, with a new baby, & I didn’t submit a quilt to the show, but I’ll be starting early this year for a submission!

It was very exciting to be able to have three generations of us attend this year, mom, me, & Rowan! We had such a blast! After an exhausting plane ride from Hawaii to North Carolina, we picked up my mom & made the flight to Austin. I never realized how nice it was to have a second set of hands on a plane with a baby, since Rowan & I have been traveling solo previous trips. I also forgot how COLD snow & Ice is! Rowan saw her first snow & I had to buy my first (in two years) pair of closed toe shoes… Us Hawaii gals don’t know anything other than flip flops/slippers. Rowan also got her first pair of shoes, Freshly Picked Moccasins.

As you can see, Rowan was exhausted after the first flight, but the rest of us were ready to get to Austin already!!
We arrived a day early to give us enough time to get checked in & settled in the hotel as well as checked into QuiltCon! Classes & Lectures started early for us on Thursday!

The three of us could hardly contain our excitement after check in & receiving our overflowing, swag bags! We were however missing my stepmom, who was also supposed to come with us, but at the last minute was unable to attend.

Who would we be not checking her in & grabbing her swag bag for her?? Rowan helped us with that part!

Thanks to all the sponsors for the great goodies!!

We wrapped up the evening at a delicious sushi restaurant, right across from our hotel, Piranha. Yummy sushi & drinks, can’t beat that!

Not to mention, extremely excited for the next day & start to QuiltCon!