Hey everyone, I’ve missed you greatly! We have a new, might I add, adorable, addition to the family, miss Rowan.

It’s been just short of 6 weeks since we welcomed Rowan into the world, almost 5 of those weeks were spent in the hospital.

Here I am today, 5.5 weeks old, happy as a bug in a rug!
But here’s how our journey began:
Our due date was Feb. 11, 2014. My mom flew in Feb. 7th, a few days before Rowan was due & we were hoping to have a few days sight seeing before Rowan’s arrival. Earlier that day I had been to the doctor for my 39 week check-up and I was finally 1cm dilated, but we still assumed we had a few more days, if not longer, to go.
Little did we know that miss thing had other plans. Midnight rolled around and I woke up to contractions 6 minutes apart. By 4am I was waking mom up to sit up with me. By 8am my contractions were 3mins apart so we woke the hubs up and called L&D, who discouraged me from coming in because they probably wouldn’t admit me. Fast forward another hour and I was in some serious pain & decided it was time to go in.
As soon as we got there, although I was only 3cm dilated, Rowan’s heart rate was already crashing, at 50 bpm & we were told we were going to have a baby by the end of the day. No more than an hour later, we were waiting on the anesthesiologist to come out of an emergency c-section to give me an epidural, but by that point Rowan was crashing again. At that point the team had decided I needed a c-section myself. After a failed attempt at an epidural & Rowan continuously crashing, I had an emergency c-section (intubation and all).
Rowan was born at 12:53pm weighing 7lbs 12oz & 20.5″ long. She was ressutated at birth, immediately intubated & put on a ventilator, and taken to NICU. She had serious meconium aspiration & later a collapsed lung, all which lead to pulmonary hypertension. Since I was recovering from surgery, I didn’t get to see her for 9 hours. We weren’t aloud to touch her or stimulate her in any way for a few days.
Shortly after coming into the world.
At 5 days old, Rowan was extubated & put on a CPAP, but still all “wired up” with other things. I was also finally able to hold her, after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting.
A few more days later, she was again able to step down to a nasal canula.

At that point daddy and grandma were finally able to hold her for the first time, at 1.5 weeks old.

I was discharged after 48 hours, but fortunately I was able to board for a few days until my room was needed for another patient. You never realize how much time slows down when you’re in this situation and “trapped” in a hospital 24/7, not wanting to leave your baby’s bedside. 
I don’t know how parents do it when their babies are in there for months on end, although I do have to say, the whole NICU team becomes your family, their personal nurses even more so. I found such comfort, those long nights, when I would go to Rowan’s room for a simple feeding and to see her for “touch time,” to see her nurse and just be able to chat about anything and everything. It truly takes a one of a kind person to be able to work with such sick babies. I’m so thankful for them.
After 2.5 weeks, Rowan was able to come off of oxygen and come home!

Unfortunately our time home was very short lived. After 4 days home, we were back in the hospital, with strained breathing and back on oxygen. We were re-admitted to PICU, where 48 hours & a few test later, Rowan had stabilized and was moved to peds.

Throughout yet another 2 week stay in the hospital, we met with many specialists and ruled out lots of potential diagnosis. Rowan also had many studies done, which mainly revolved around her lungs & reflux, although almost all came back “normal” we are still working closely with her Pediatric Pulmonologist. We’re very grateful to have so many pediatric specialist here in Hawaii. 

Her nurses made sure to keep her very stylish while she was in the hospital, with bears and hearts to keep her nasal canula in place.
48 hour before we went home, we were able to get Rowan weaned off of oxygen, although we did come home with oxygen just in case as well as an SpO2 monitor to keep an eye on her from home during the next month or so. 
We will continue to have weekly follow-ups with her doctors, but at this point we are hoping that she just needed a little extra time and oxygen to recover from her meconium aspiration and pulmonary hypertension. 
The last month has been absolutely exhausting between her being in the hospital and still trying to recover from my c-section. It feels SO good to be home & Bella is pretty glad to be guarding her baby again.
Thanks for all of the prayers, love, and support from everyone over the past month and a half. You guys have really helped keep me going. I’m hoping to get back to playing in some fabrics in the near future!