Hey! Remember me?

I guess it’s about time I pop my pregnant self back in here and update everyone a bit! Hopefully you guys have missed me as much as I’ve missed you 😉

So! Happy New Years! I hope everyone made it through the holidays and that everything was fabulous. The boy & I spent our first Christmas in our new home together. Although we missed our family dearly, it was a great time for us to just have each other close, before we welcome miss priss into the world.

Battalion Christmas party & 30 weeks pregnant! #babybump #30weeks #30weekspregnant #itsagirl #rowangray
(30 Weeks)
We also had our first Christmas tree, Charlie Brown style! How I loved it so! The trash man even thanked me for not having a ginormous tree that he had to pick up 🙂
Our baby, 'Charlie brown', first Christmas!

Merry Chistmas!! It's a nice 80 degrees here in #Hawaii so I'm finally not sweating to death. & 33 weeks pregnant! #christmas #33weeks #33weekspregnant #itsagirl #babybump

On Christmas day, I was 33 weeks pregnant and sweating to death…still am. It was a beautiful 80 degrees which psychologically is a bit confusing for Christmas. All four of us (the boy, me, Rowan, & Bella) we spoiled Christmas morning, there might have even been a little blue box under the tree!!!
A day later, my BIL & SIL (practically) came to visit! We had a blast with them, being touristy & enjoying having family in, again.

A little late...34 weeks on New Years Eve, being touristy with the Inlaws. #34weeks #34weekspregnant #itsagirl #babybump
(34 Weeks)

For New Years Eve, we spent the evening getting acquainted with a Luau, which surprisingly we hadn’t been to one before. I have to admit, it was long, but much better than what I expected!
Meanwhile, in the past month, I have done a little sewing, which I will be showing you all shortly, but mainly my focus has been on nursery & baby stuff. I can’t wait to show you guys that either, especially the nursery! Eep! It’s almost finished…good thing since we are just about 3 weeks out from Rowan’s arrival. 
The boy and I are getting very excited, Bella too…She has been VERY clingy the past few days, I think she knows she won’t be an only child too much longer.
So how was your New Years & what new projects are you working on?