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Month: September 2013 (page 1 of 2)

Friday Favorites 9.27.13

1. Evening Star, 2. An Autumn Herringbone Quilt // Maureen Cracknell Handmade, 3. Penny candy for #pennysampler, 4. Coming Full Square, 5. Sprite Churn Dash, 6. Madrona Road Baby Quilt, 7. T-Continuity, 8. I. Me. Mine., 9. Ich hoffe du magst handquilten,Partnerin??
Quilted Favorites
Friday Quilted Favorites 9.27.13
1. Groove, 2. P1080109, 3. Circle in the hole mini quilt, 4. It’s a finish!! I’m kind of in awe that I made this. A special thanks to Emily Sessions for the incredible work.  Pattern can be purchased in alison glass’s shop. Also stay tuned for a quilt along!
Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

There’s a mouse in my house!

Check out Rowan's adorable new mouse!! Made by @kristafleck , so perfect for her nursery!! Thanks!
And isn’t she a cutie!! Krista over at Spotted Stones made her for Rowan’s nursery! She also made that cute pink fabric!! I couldn’t be more please & more excited to start getting the nursery together.
I think it’s even more fun that this little mouse traveled all the way from Alaska to Hawaii! I am happy to report that she is adjusting well to the tropical climate & doesn’t seem to be missing the recent snow in Alaska.
If you’d like one too, go check Krista out!
At this point, packages from friends & family seem to be arriving almost daily, for Rowan of course. The boy thinks we’re not loved anymore! haha! But I’ll take it! This little one is going to be well dressed & well spoiled…before she even gets here.



Go ahead and ask me… “What the heck has taken you so long?” I know, I know, I finally drank the Koolaid & gave into the Swoon obsession.

I tried out this test block today with Kona Ash, Kaffe Fassett floral, & Kona Snow as the background fabric. I have to say, I am more than excited how easy this block is. You have no idea how badly I want to keep this beauty (how about that fussy cut center!), but it’s a block for a guild project. I’ll post more pictures of the final product in a few months.

Now that I know how easily it goes together, I’m ready to dive into my stash and make a few more! The only thing I am undecided about at this point is the size of the block, measuring in at a whopping 24.5″!! Yeah, it’s big! I’m thinking I might make the blocks a little smaller for my own project.


Friday Favorites 9.19.13

1. Not available, 2. Whisper pieced backing, 3. New Wave Quilt, 4. Stitch Floral plus quilt, 5. New Quilt Start, 6. Candy Coated Rain Drops, 7. Untitled, 8. Garden District, 9. Made a wine gift bag for a co- worker that just passed a huge exam!

Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Onesie Quilt finish.

Last week I wrapped up the Onesie Quilt I’d been working on! As you can read in my previous post, this was a project that was out of my norm and made me step out of my comfort zone. But, I had a lot of fun doing it!

 photo onesiequilt.jpg

 photo onesiequilt1.jpg

 photo onesiequilt2.jpg

 photo onesiequilt3.jpg
Lucey got a nice workout as well. I freehand quilted an all over flower design, which worked beautifully on this girly quilt! The purple sashing also made the blocks ‘pop’ perfectly, just the right color for a 2 year old.

Stripes & Herringbone

Remember how I said the lovely Robert Kaufman had sent me these goodies?
And it turned into this…
Well, I’m excited to share that the pattern to my Stripes & Herringbone quilt will be available in October!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

Friday Favorites 9.13.13

1. Produtos Owlmania, 2. Urban Dresden, 3. Pixelated Houndstooth Quilt, 4. Striped Quilt, 5. swoon {all finished}, 6. pinwheel quilt in coral red, 7. Progress #marcellemedallion #mmqal, 8. Vines and Leaves Penny Sampler Block, 9. Ready to be filled with all sorts of important baby essentials! #dividedbasket

Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

My week via Instagram

The, awesome, hubs surprised me with a Macbook Pro!

I practiced a little quilting on minkee, for baby Rowan.
Worked on a little something for Robert Kaufman.
Celebrated my friend, Krista’s, Birthday!
Here’s Rowan at 18 weeks, baking.
And finished up the Onesie Quilt!
Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @bluprinttextiles, for in the moment, action shots!

Friday Favorites 9.6.13

1. Convergence Quilt, 2. Post Sew South Swap, 3. sept block, 4. Pleasant Pathways Shorts, 5. I’m having too much fun!! Binding + Listening to Alice in Zombieland! ♡♡♡, 6. more!, 7. Lolly Lolly quilt, 8. Modern Maples Quilt Top Complete!, 9. Shoot for the Stars Pillow

Happy Friday! Thanks for the inspiration!

Onesie Quilt

  photo DSC_0215.jpg

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a sweet lady, Rachel, who wanted a quilt made from some of her daughter’s favorite onsies. I’ve never really had an itch to make a quilt out of clothes & make them beautiful, like some people do. I’m not really sure what made me want to take on this project either, maybe it’s the mommy starting to come out in myself.

After a bit of research & discussion with Rachel, we decided a fun, low volume log cabin would do the trick! I wanted to make her something unique, modern, & a step away from all the traditional onesie quilts I was seeing all over the internet.

 photo DSC_0211.jpg
 photo DSC_0210.jpg
I never imagined how intense it would be to cut up someone else’s onesies! Honestly it took me a few days of working up the courage! It was about as hard as cutting up some of your most treasured stash. I finally had to tell myself ‘JUST DO IT’!
Once I overcame that little dilemma, I ironed a ‘no show mesh fusible’ on the back of each onesie square to stabilize it & keep it from stretching all over the place. It was quick & easy to iron on & just as easy to sew through.

 photo DSC_0217.jpg
For the logs in the log cabin, I cut strips in varying widths from 1.5″ to 2.5″, then trimmed down as necessary to 9.5″ blocks.

Here’s my favorite block:

 photo DSC_0214.jpg
I’m thinking I may need to track down a onesie like that for miss Rowan (who is now kicking up a storm).

 photo DSC_0212.jpg

Now I just have to add this great, purple, sashing (her daughter’s favorite color) & get her on Lucey to be quilted!

 photo DSC_0216.jpg
I can’t wait to get this adorably fun project quilted & show off the finished product!

Happy Labor Day!!

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