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Month: August 2013

Friday Favorites 8.30.13

1. And it is done!, 2. week 3, where I am at, 3. Playing with scraps!, 4. OK, just one more… My favorite little bit. That @lusummers alphabet facing on the zipper. Fricken adorable!, 5. Little village, 6. IMG_2814, 7. SP Mini, 8. Lone Starburst, 9. Sewing Room Swap Baskets
Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Friday Favorites 8.23.13

1. Dutchman´s Puzzle (2), 2. Feather, 3. Global paper pieced star, 4. Baby Butterflies Quilt, 5. Strawberry geranium dress, 6. Picnic Quilt, 7. chicopee closeup, 8. I need taller helpers than what I have available today, but I couldn’t wait to take a few pics. #modernmaples, 9. Confetti Baby
Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Surprise, we’re PREGNANT!!!

 photo BABYGIRL_24crop.jpg

 photo b807cf75-43a7-4deb-8163-90ff561f95e3.jpg

 photo ItsaGirl.jpg

We’re so excited to announce that we will be welcoming a little girl, early next year!
As soon as we got to Hawaii, everyone kept telling us “there’s something in the water,” since everyone was pregnant. They sure were right!

I must say, she has been treating me rather kindly over the past few months, I have hardly had any crazy pregnancy symptoms & no morning sickness! During the first trimester I was exhausted & she has given me a craving of sour candies & anything that has to do with a baked potato (specifically Chili’s baked potato soup). But hey, who can really complain about either of those! Well, except her daddy, I don’t think he is ever going to want to go to Chili’s after this pregnancy. haha

I’m now getting back into the groove of sewing & quilting, on Lucey, now that I don’t feel the need to sleep all day. I am crossing my fingers that if I quilt enough, while she’s baking, that the sound of the machine will put her right to sleep when she arrives & I can continue to semi have a quilting schedule.
We had gender reveal/name reveal photos done last Friday, our photographer sent us a sneak peek of some of the photos to share & they turned out beyond my expectation! You can see her name bunting I made her, her first shoes (baby Toms), & of course we couldn’t leave out big sister, Bella!
 photo IMG_0389.jpg
 photo IMG_0404.jpg
 photo IMG_0406.jpg
 photo IMG_0416.jpg
You can even spot a little bit of a baby bump!

Needless to say everyone is excited & myself & the grandmothers have been sewing up a storm already for Miss. Rowan. She should be one stylin’ babe.

**A big thanks to our photographer, Amber, at Schyne Photography for the beautiful sneak peeks!

Friday Favorites 8.2.13

1. drawstring bag, 2. front, 3. class picnic shorts for kcw, 4. Kristin’s star mini, 5. Ever think of a quilt while working on another quilt and have to stop everything and make said quilt? Yeah, me neither., 6. IMG_6353, 7. star-plus quilt, 8. Jasper’s quilt, 9. 8 of 8 done! #nofilter 70s Geese pattern by @fromblankpages on @becraftsy
Happy Friday!
Thanks for the inspiration!

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