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Month: June 2013

Friday Favorites 6.14.13

Friday Favorites 6.14.13
Quilted Favorites
Friday Quilted Favorites 6.14.13

Open wide zippered pouch

You might recall this picture I posted on a previous post and Instagram.

I started this cute Hello Kitty project while we were in the hotel & finally had a chance to finish the other weekend at the Oahu MQG sew-in!

My teenage nieces LOVE Hello Kitty & Hawaii is certainly the place to find everything Hello Kitty. Since they are older, I was trying to come up with a project that didn’t scream little kid. As soon as I came across the perfect fabric for each girl, I knew the Noodle Head, Wide open zipper pouch would do the trick!

Anna has a great tutorial on her blog, with multiple sizing options! I chose to make the medium and large sizes. They are the perfect sizes for art supplies or make up or snacks or anything else your can think of!

My oldest niece, Alyssa, is the girly, pink girl. I used a pink & red print for her & lined the pouches in aqua solid (which I forgot to take a picture of).

 photo DSC_0150.jpg
Completely opposite, Natalie loves black & purple. & as fabric seems to never let me down…this is what I came up with for her!

 photo DSC_0151.jpg

These fun pouches are now in route to the mainland, hopefully they will make it safely & the girls will love them (teenagers are always hit or miss haha).
 photo DSC_0152.jpg

As I usually stick to quilting, this was a great, quicky, project for me to achieve near instant gratification while being away from my stash! They are also perfect for last minute, handmade gifts that you can throw a few goodies into!  
***PSA: That post sounded like everything went as smooth as butter, didn’t it?! Well I do have a little, funny(now), disclaimer…I always use zippers longer than what I actually need and then cut them down to size, so I hopefully always have a zipper that will fit almost any project! Smart right? If you’re like me and do this too, be careful. I completely made up one of these pouches then promptly cut the zipper to size (cutting off the metal stopper) so I could sew the cute fabric stopper on the end. I ended up cutting the zipper and leaving the pouch alone for a few days, then coming back to it, only to fling the zipper open…and right off the track (AHHHHHHH)!!! After about 30minutes of tedious manipulating of the teeth & feeding it back into the metal pull, I FINALLY got the zipper back together. I did have a little panic moment and flashes of having to rip out the whole bag to replace it with a whole new zipper, but thankfully that didn’t have to happen. So needless to say, in the end, if you’re going to cut your zipper & walk away…make sure you put a pin in the end so you don’t accidentally fling the zipper off the tracks, like I did!

Friday Favorites 6.7.13

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Finally Moved in!

Let me get you guys up to speed a bit, since I haven’t had a chance to post recently. We have officially moved out of the hotel room after 60 days! Yuck! And are now in our new house, which brings new, but good, stresses…like unpacking lots and lots of boxes.

I am happy to report that all 19 boxes of fabric arrived safely, along with all of my other sewing gear! Whew! I was worried about my Heather Ross stash amongst others going missing. We did have a few broken pieces of furniture, like our marble butcher block & and stool, and a few things that went missing during transit, but for the most part everything made it!

Bella is loving her new home & enjoying her new, fenced, back yard. She is also enjoying her long walks in her new neighborhood, multiple times a day!

The sewing room is coming together slowly, I have a temporary set up in the room right now since I am waiting on extra pegs to the Ikea shelving, before it can be put together. Those should arrive early next week. It’s been so wonderful having my stash back and not having to work from what little I packed in my carry on & trying to refrain from buying all of what is in the LQS. After being away from it for 2 months, its like a whole new set of fabrics, with new ideas bursting in my head.

Here’s an IG recap from the past few weeks.

As you can tell, Bella has such a rough life, not! Its so nice to finally start to settle in, although it would be great if these boxes would unpack themselves and hop into cabinets!

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