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Month: March 2013

Friday Favorites 3.22.13

1. A quick picture before washing, 2. tease, 3. VeloCity Baby Quilt – Quilting and Binding, 4. DSC_0095, 5. Something New Sampler – quilting stage!, 6. Big Purple Quilt, 7. WrenlyFleece Baby Quilt Finish 016, 8. Quilted Swoon, 9. Circle of Geese2

Every Friday I like to share my favorite Quilts/accessories I have come across in the week prior. Now each week I will also be sharing my favorite quilting I have stumbled upon & spread the quilty love!!
Thanks for all the inspiration!

The wedding quilt.

As you guys can remember, I got married 3 months back & lots of exciting things have been happening during that time! I’m excited that I finally have the opportunity to share one of our amazing wedding presents, a gorgeous, vintage, Double Wedding Ring quilt.

 photo DSC_0020.jpg
 photo DSC_0023.jpg
The quilt was gifted to us by my in-laws, & made by my husband’s great grandmother. They know how much I love quilting & I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect gift.

The colors are absolutely fantastic, many of the fabrics remind me of Kaffe Fassett prints, amongst other designers. The whole quilt is hand piece & quilted, which makes me love it that much more.

I love that looking at the quilt from a distance, the over all appeal is very “modern.” I makes me smile to think that either she was ahead of her time, or we are behind. It makes me think about the question, what is “modern”? I can instantly visualize a replica of this quilt made from fabrics from my stash.

 photo DSC_0024.jpg
 photo DSC_0026.jpg
 photo DSC_0032.jpg

 photo DSC_0031.jpg

It was freezing cold outside while I was taking pictures, so I took the opportunity to wrap up in the quilt. & also show my face for the camera for once 😉
ps: isn’t that the cutest bridge!!
  photo DSC_0029.jpg
Mean while, along the way, we also ran into the most adorable little animals made by local school kids mixed amongst the park trails. I loved this giraffe!
 photo DSC_0022.jpg

 I’m truly going to cherish this quilt & continue to create memories with our family around it. It’s four generations in & still going strong!

Friday Favorites 3.15.13

1. Yamtastic bee block for… @joanhcallaway from, @jacquietps & @sewkatiedid pattern – Blue Ice in their book… Quilting Modern!!!, 2. Quilting Close Up, 3. My feathered arrow paper pieced pattern!, 4. custom king single quilt, 5. Fall Flags Quilt sq Bold Goods, 6. IMG_1123, 7. Birdie Quilt front 3 Bold Goods, 8. art student tote., 9. FLiQS seam shrinkage
Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration!!

Hawaii Life.

I’ve been watching a lot of that on HGTV recently, getting in the groove for our move. Mean while, while I should be preparing our stuff for the movers, my mind has been on sewing, quilting, & playing in my Mendocino collection.

Not very often do I get a chance to start & finish a quilt within 48 hours, well really never, but that miracle happened over the past 48. Yeehaw!! What started here:

 photo IMG_12351.jpg
Turned to this:
 photo IMG_12361.jpg
My favorite chevron pattern by, Holly at Bijou Lovely.
I’ve always loved the story that a quilt tells, from the piecing to the quilting. I used to lean towards the piecing process and many times stop there, but since I’ve been longarming, I’ve found a whole new love. At first glance most people are impressed with the colors and composition of any said quilt, but what really gets me excited now is the urge that comes over people to touch my quilts! The caress of each stitch, each doodle, & the stories I can tell them about the process (most give them a good laugh).
 photo DSC_0009.jpg
Like piecing, I love the freedom that quilting gives me. I don’t typically follow any directions or patterns when I step up to Lucey, I just like to doodle & follow wherever the quilt takes me. This also ensures me that not one single quilt will be the same.

I do however, just like with my top inspiration, browse the internet of flickr, pinterest, instagram, & the sorts. There is just so much goodness floating around & I love how willing the quilting community is to share!

So back to the story of this quilt. Aqua’s, Pinks, & Gray’s, yes? I just adore how yummy they all look together! As you can see, I also broke into my Heather Ross, Mendocino collection. I’ve been in the zone of “just use the damn, pretty, precious, favorite, fabric Sarah”! So that’s what I did.

 photo DSC_0011.jpg
Although I do have to admit, Mendocino is literally the hardest collection for me to let go of. It surely went perfectly with my Hawaiian inspiration though!

  photo DSC_0012.jpg
 photo DSC_0013.jpg
 photo DSC_0014.jpg
I used Bonnie & Camille’s, Ruby, for Moda as the binding and added two scraps of Riley Blake’s, aqua, chevrons and Kaffe Fassett’s, pink, paperweight dots.

 photo a324ffa1-02e8-4257-9eab-646dccbb5438.jpg
On the back, you’ll find one of my favorite, Joel Dewberry, woodgrain prints.
 photo DSC_0017.jpg
So what projects have you guys been working on lately?

Friday Favorites 3.8.13

1. Arkansas Traveler, 2. Scrappy Stash QAL re-quilting Lovely February Finish in progress, 3. ImagePlay – February, 4. Star Gazing, 5. GIANT quilt blocks rock!, 6. Bargain Basement, 7. Modern Circuitry – binding detail, 8. you/yoo/you, 9. Starburst Quilt

The latest

While I’ve been wrapping up my job before we move, amongst coordinating other things, I’ve luckily had a little more time to play in the stash. I got one fun & funky springy top put together & working on another GIANT quilt block quilt.

Nothing like big, 12″, HST’s!!

I’m hoping to get both tops quilted this weekend & maybe just a few more if I get really motivated!
In other news, Bella was caught napping with the cap on THE Neptune quilt (they swear they don’t like each other when we’re around), now we know they are secretly friends!
Bella also met a new scottie pal at the dog park, Miss Paisley. Don’t let the picture fool you, Bella really is the same size as Paisley, she just doesn’t have as long of a skirt or beard! 
 I hope everyone had a great week & have lots of sewing in the weekend forecast! I’m sure looking forward to me, fabric, & my machine!

Friday Favorites 3.1.13

1. swappen kissen, 2. single girl {hand quilted}, 3. black and white cross quilt., 4. Retro TV Quilt Front, 5. idle hands_string, 6. White Herringbone quilt, 7. DSCF1597, 8.…, 9. I’m gonna need a design wall…

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