Another Love

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


These chevrons are my other love...since my first all white background prints chevron quilt I have had a handful of customs for the same quilt. Unbelievably, this is one quilt I don't get tired of. I love this one just as much as the original.
This one was fun because the owner didn't want any girly prints thrown in. Amazingly I was able to find even more prints that were gender neutral and on white backgrounds from my stash...scary! I never imagined I had that many prints. Although I do have to say between this quilt and the recent quilt kit I made up for another customer I have put a huge dent in my stash. It's a great thing because I am finally getting past the fear of cutting into some of my treasured fabrics and beginning to realize I should use them before they go out of style, there will always be new and fun prints coming around!


Can you believe I'm ready to dive into the next one?! I have a different pallet up my sleeve this time though!


Kelly O. said...

great chevron quilts!
what tutorial do you use for the chevron block

rubyru_rubyru said...

Hi I'm loving your quilt, the only patterns I can find use hst's, I notice you don't, would you do a tutorial or direct me to someone who does? If not dont worry, good luck with all your ventures!