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Pineapple love

Didn’t this little pineapple turn out adorable?! It was definitely one of those projects I had really made for myself.

I originally made the block as a tester for my month in do.good.stitches, charity bee, which then turned into “oh this would be really cute for our guild swap since we live in Hawaii”! And perfect it was!

For this little project I took the liberty of quilting old school, on my Bernina. My walking foot works like a charm for straight line quilting! I also used scrappy binding which I think complemented the mini, nicely.

We had guidelines for the swap which I thought were going to limit me at first, but I just knew the pineapple would fit perfectly! We were only allowed to use Kona snow and two other colors. In those two colors we could use any range. I was pretty liberal with the rules…every color will eventually be black, right?

Thanks Dear Stella for the free pattern!!

The big One.

I don’t know where it came from, out of no where. She didn’t even ask if she was allowed to, but she did it anyway! Rowan turned one!

It’s been such an incredible year, one more than I could have ever imagined. It’s been a year of being up every night, breast feeding, snuggles, learning, & growing!

The best year we’ve had so far!

Although Rowan turned one last month, it was this month that I really felt like she was one. It’s because it was a month after she was born, last year, was when we finally had her home from the hospital.  It’s a reminder of how sick our sweet girl was, on a ventilator & not able to even touch her for 5 days. I personally was not able to see her for 9 hours because of recovery from my own surgery.

Over the past year I’ve seen friends & strangers posting their birth/newborn photos & stories, wondering what that’s like.  Then I remind myself that I was  unconscious for a reason. I think for the better. I’m not sure I would have been able to handle seeing my lifeless baby pulled from me & rushed away. 

Imagining it is one thing, but seeing it is something you never forget. In that aspect, I’m glad I was spared that pain. It was painful enough seeing her so sick & not even being able to comfort & hold her. 

I am so thankful & happy to say that although the first few months were a bit rocky with her health; she is now a healthy, silly girl! Something I’m thankful everyday!

My sewing and quilting took a backseat this past year, for obvious reasons & I’m glad I too that time. Now that we have a year under our belts and we know each other all too well, we’re ready to start this year off with a bang!

So much that Rowan even attended QuiltCon for her birthday!

Now for many more fun things to come!

QuiltCon Re-Cap, Day 5

Sunday we wrapped up QuiltCon with a final trip to the show before heading to my last, afternoon class.

What better than to start the day with a run in with Mr. Aurifil, Alex Veronelli! And if you’re wondering if he smelled good, well yes he did!

More gorgeous quilts…

A last pit stop at Cotton + Steel.

Then off to class with Krista, again. This time was her ghost shapes class.

We started with learning how to ‘quilt as you go’ on the long arm, something I would have never thought of doing!

Krista taught us how to incorporate her composition quilt paths with shapes and rulers. I’ve been wanting to play around with rulers more, this gave me the perfect opportunity to get a few more to test out.

I only wish our class had been longer.

On the way out, Rowan & I ran into Latifah Saafir. I’m really hoping to take a class with her in the near future. I seriously love every quilt she makes!

Our time in Austin flew by, but what an amazing time it was! I was so glad to be able to spend it with my mom & Rowan & look forward to many more.

QuiltCon Re-Cap, Day 4

How do I put this, by Saturday I was exhausted, like really exhausted. I guess I didn’t really have that expectation going into QuiltCon when signing up for classes and lectures. You have no idea how glad I was to have a slow day of lectures. Two full days, back to back of classes were fantastic, but that’s also a lot of information to take in!

I also can’t begin to explain how wonderful it was to have my mom with us! She was nanny, grandma while I was off in all these classes. Saturday we switched roles & she was off to have some real fun!

Rowan & I laid low & explored more of the shows & shops. I seriously felt like every time I walked into the show I had somehow missed a row of quilts. They were all so breath taking!


It’s quite possible  we made a nap pit stop before returning back in the afternoon.

Definitely QuiltCon wasted. The best kind!

I was so excited to finally meet the Robert Kaufman ladies, Elisabeth & Nicole, who I worked with for my pattern last year.

One of the best parts of this whole event was being able to meet my quilty, Internet friends in person!

QuiltCon Re-cap, Day 3

Yet another day of early rising was to be had preparing for my Zig-Zag Sampler class with Krista Withers. She was so much fun the first day, I couldn’t wait to get back & absorb as much more as possible!

Upon walking in the classroom, I realized we would be on midarm machines, instead of longarms like I was expecting.

It was quite the experience being at a sit down machine again. I felt like a kid who had newly gotten their training wheels off, again. 

Needless to say, my quilting is much better on the long arm now. I was basically drunk quilting, so I’ll spare you the visual!

Krista’s samples were beautiful! I know I’ll be trying some of them out on Lucey, soon!

The afternoon was spent with Rowan, checking out more of the show. 

I was thrilled to see how many other babies attended QuiltCon as well! 1 year down & counting for Rowan!

QuiltCon Re-Cap, Day 2

Day 2 started with a wake up to a quiet baby & a beautiful sunrise over the Austin convention center, where I would soon be trekking off to with my cup of warm coffee. This poor Hawaiian girl needed all the warmth she could get! Although somehow, even though I purchased closed toe shoes I still ended up wearing sandals the whole time.
I was very excited to finally meet & learn from one of my favorite quilters Krista Withers. I’ve admired her long arm quilting from afar, but it was truly an honor to take her Compositional Quilting class.

Krista is such a fun & bubbly person! Thank goodness, because I had signed up for three of her classes. haha. Because of this, I figured my Quiltcon experience could go only one of two ways. Happy to announce it was Great! I highly recommend taking a class from her if you get the chance!
As anyone is on a new machine that is different than their own, I was a little shaky at first. After getting in the groove, I was off!
I had a great time meeting, quilting, & chatting with my ‘machine mate,’ Robyn.
Class was all day, but during our lunch time, I had the chance to peruse some of the shops at the show, which obviously led to shenanigans…
Like sewing machine riding at Stitch Lab.

Introducing Rowan to Sarah Watts and the Cotton & Steel crew! As you can see, she had tears of joy! ha.

We found the quilt I quilted for John.

& goofed around with some show quilts.

After wrapping up class, dinner was consumed, but not documented. It was delicious though, from Crave.
Then Corrie & I were off the to Moda Party.
Which turned out to be freezing cold & a bust for us, so we left & ran into a bunch of other’s who weren’t quite into it either. So we went for dessert!

Lots of fun was involved! 

QuiltCon re-cap, Day 1

Let me start off with what a freaking, AMAZING time I had at QuiltCon!! Everyone should attend if they get the opportunity. And what’s even better? QuiltCon will be yearly now! Woo!

So back to my adventure.

 This was the first year I attended, in person. Two years ago, I was there in spirit, I had a QuiltCon logo block in the original QuiltCon quilt. Unfortunately time slipped away from me this year, with a new baby, & I didn’t submit a quilt to the show, but I’ll be starting early this year for a submission!

It was very exciting to be able to have three generations of us attend this year, mom, me, & Rowan! We had such a blast! After an exhausting plane ride from Hawaii to North Carolina, we picked up my mom & made the flight to Austin. I never realized how nice it was to have a second set of hands on a plane with a baby, since Rowan & I have been traveling solo previous trips. I also forgot how COLD snow & Ice is! Rowan saw her first snow & I had to buy my first (in two years) pair of closed toe shoes… Us Hawaii gals don’t know anything other than flip flops/slippers. Rowan also got her first pair of shoes, Freshly Picked Moccasins.

As you can see, Rowan was exhausted after the first flight, but the rest of us were ready to get to Austin already!!
We arrived a day early to give us enough time to get checked in & settled in the hotel as well as checked into QuiltCon! Classes & Lectures started early for us on Thursday!

The three of us could hardly contain our excitement after check in & receiving our overflowing, swag bags! We were however missing my stepmom, who was also supposed to come with us, but at the last minute was unable to attend.

Who would we be not checking her in & grabbing her swag bag for her?? Rowan helped us with that part!

Thanks to all the sponsors for the great goodies!!

We wrapped up the evening at a delicious sushi restaurant, right across from our hotel, Piranha. Yummy sushi & drinks, can’t beat that!

Not to mention, extremely excited for the next day & start to QuiltCon!


I hope everyone is enjoying the season changing! We don’t have much of a physical change, here in Hawaii, so we roll with the visible change…Halloween!

Now you know being Rowan’s first Halloween she needed an adorable costume! Not being much of a seamstress, my mom swooped in to help & I couldn’t believe the cuteness she came up with!

Rowan had the most adorable, fatest, pumpkin suit! I seriously can’t stop looking back at the pictures!

Although she didn’t seem to mind her new attire, I was certainly much more amused that she was 😉

Vicariously at Quilt Market

Via Quilt Dad
You guys may recognize the AUH-mazing quilt pictured above, that John made. It just so happened that while I was visiting NC that the card alined & I was able to quilt it! John made this for the Modern Solids, Traditional Inspiration challenge hosted by FreeSpirit Fabrics and Denyse Schmidt & ended up winning the challenge.

Words cannot explain how unique & beautiful this piece is. It’s definitely one of the most fun quilts I’ve quilted & was a fresh reminder of why I love quilting modern quilts. The prints he threw in to set off all of the solids was the perfect touch.

John thought baptist fans would compliment the top well & I couldn’t have agreed better. With all of his bias work, set on point, I love how the fans look.

This was a hard quilt to part with, but I am so excited for John for not only winning the challenge, but also seeing it in Free Spirit  & Denyse Schmidt’s booth at Quilt Market.

I wish I could have made it to market this year, all of the IG posts made me jealous of how much fun everyone was having! Hopefully next year!

Six Months Old

Seriously, where has half a year gone?? It seems like just yesterday the boy & I were picking out baby names. Now this incredibly fun, bundle of love, has been our world for a whole six months!
Does this mean I need to start planning her 1st Birthday, already?! Ahh, time sure does fly!
Rowan now weighs 16lbs & is 26″ long, double her birth weight & grown 6″. She can roll both ways, although she gets stuck on her tummy a lot and forgets she knows how to get back to her back…this makes for a very cranky baby. Because she hates tummy time so much she isn’t quite crawling yet; more like spinning. She can almost sit up by herself, I’m sure she will have this completely down by next week. 
Over the past month we have been introducing solids. So far she loves everything, but peas (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, pears). Two new teeth have also taken up residence over the past few weeks & I am so glad she loves teeth brushing time!
Bella & Rowan have become the best of friends & are ever so much interested in each other. Her favorite activities are jumping (especially in her jumper), reading, putting things in her mouth, beating the buttons on her activity center, looking at herself in the mirror, & anything outside, to name a few. 
She is such a happy baby & I seriously enjoy spending every minute with her. I’m so thankful I am able to be a stay at home mommy.
We’ve also done quite a bit of traveling recently & I think the travel bug has already bit her. I couldn’t ask for a better travel buddy. 30,000 miles under her belt & counting!
And best of all…She says mama!!

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